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Published: 10 months ago

Realistic Night Exterior Using Vray HDRI and Vray Ies Lights inside 3dsmax

This is a tutorial where you will learn how to setup a night exterior/interior scene using Vray HDRI and Vray Iesthis will help you to setup a nice scene that can produce realistic results.

First I will show you the setup for the Vray HDRI, I am using a Vray Dome Light with a HDRI in the texture slot with a blue color:

vray hdri lighting


And this is the setup for the HDRI in the material editor:

material editor hdri vray


To giving a more warm and welcoming mood to the render I have added some Vray Ies lights to the interior, all the lights are the same, and this is the setting for the lights:

vray ies light


For having a better light exposure and correct render it is better to use the vray physical camera because it has more settings and light control like in real life pro cameras, check the settings for the vray physical camera:

vray physical camera setup

I want to share some vray materials setup that I have used in this scene, it is important to setup properly the materials if you want a nice lighting bounce in your 3d scene, Always use your specular and bump maps, and high resolution textures and try to avoid the tiling because the texture will lose details.

vray glass material vray dark wood material vray white concrete material


And now let me show you the render settings for this scene:

vray rendering setup

You can DOWNLOAD this scene, so you can study materials, the lighting, use the textures maps, and models for other projects or you can test different lighting scenarios by playing with the vray sun and sky. 

Buy this Complete Realistic Exterior / Interior- JUST FOR $45.00


More renders from this scene:

vray hdri vray ies lighting tutorial 3dsmax
vray hdri vray ies lighting tutorial 3dsmax
vray hdri vray ies lighting tutorial 3dsmax


  1. adrian says:

    Hi Alesso! I tryed your glass material but in my render looks blueish like the diffuse color. Do you know what can be the problem? Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. Somyadeep says:

    very nice tutorial as well as the project outcome . Great work !

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