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Published: 2 years ago

Night Lighting Rendering with Vray & 3ds Max

This is a tutorial/making of showing some setup for night lighting, I will share the ies lighting setup, vray camera and render settings so you can have an idea of how you can do your lighting for your night rendering.

You can look the tutorial of Daylight version of this scene CLICKING HERE

In this time I am using vray ies and not the native photometric lights from 3ds max, because the vray ies lights are faster, also I am using vray sphere lights, is it important to know where to put your lights so you can have a nice and soft lighting in your scene, and some nice spec and bump, depending of the angle or your lights the shaders will interact with these.

I have one main vray sphere light in the center lamp of this scene, check the setup:

vray light tutorial 002

Now for giving more exposure to the books and the tv, I placed two vray ies lights with these parameters:

vray light tutorial 003

To add some nice shadows around the sofa I have a floor lamp and a desk lamp side by side, this will add a nice soft light and shadows around the sofa, check the lighting setting of each light:

vray light tutorial 004
vray light tutorial 005

For the Blue exterior light, I have a vray dome light with a dark blue, check here:

vray light tutorial 006

Now the more important of this scene is the vray physical camera settings:

vray light tutorial physical camera settings

No to finish this this is the render settings used in this particular scene:

vray rendering settings 3ds max

For post production, I did some color correction, balance, levels, sharpen and glow.

Remember that you can buy this scene so you can see more in depth the settings of the shaders, use the 3d models, make some practices inside the scene with the lights, play with the vray camera and a lot of things that you learn and use from this file that include the PSD FILE of the post.

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  1. Reshad says:

    Very very very nice man :)

  2. tobi says:

    Thanks for sharing.You’re the boss :)

  3. ram says:

    Awesome render as always :) , The rug is not luking like that it is on the floor, i mean little more contact shadows are needed , Thanks for the tutorial :)

  4. lalabelle says:

    thank you for posting this!!!! you are the BEST! *thumps up

  5. sintel says:

    hello, its so unimaginably realistic , thanks to share i also request u2 show me the lighting part of this scene

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