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Published: 2 years ago

Modernist Loft Day & Night (PSD Files Included) – Premium Scene Download

vray tutorial
interior scene vray 3ds max download

This is NEW Full 3ds Max 2010+ with Vray Render | DAY & NIGHT SETUP (PSD Files Included), ready to download, this is really great scene if you are looking for learn realistic and complex vray lighting. This scene comes with two different scene setup DAYLIGHT & NIGHTLIGHT for maximum learning options.

This scene is setup with realistic vray shaders, fully detailed 3d models, hires textures, accurate lighting, full render setup, PSD files included in the package and much more.

List of the furniture in this scene and more stuff:

  • Realistic Fabric Sofa with Pillows
  • Lamino Chair
  • Eames Molded Plywood Chair with Cloth Simulated Fabric Sheet (removable)
  • Low Table
  • Modern Pendant Lamp
  • Floor Lamps
  • Desk Lamps
  • HD TV with Table
  • Table Accesories
  • Books
  • DVD Cases
  • Realistic Carpet
  • Deco Plant
  • Modern Stairs
  • Wal Deco
  • Hires Wood Flooring
  • Realistic Shaders
  • Physical Accurate Lighting and Camera Settings
  • 5 PSD Files of Post-Production
  • Two Lighting Setup – Day and Night
  • And more…

Buy Now Just For US$60.00

interior scene vray 3ds max download
interior scene vray 3ds max
interior scene vray
vray interior download 3ds max
vray scene download
vray scene for download


vray night scene download 3ds max

Scene Without Shaders:

interior scene vray without shaders

Buy Now Just For US$60.00

The amazing arts used in this scene belongs to AnnCT Braunsteiner copyright reseverd to his owner, you can find it from his website.

  1. Karl says:

    Wow, Very nice scene! I admire you for your fanstastic works! keep it up.

  2. hamid says:

    amazing aleso can you please create some scene without windows.

  3. Pr0jecT says:

    Ya llevo dos compras (y no serán las últimas), y la verdad es que son geniales.Gracias a ellos, estoy resolviendo muchas de las dudas que tenia…sigue así

    Muchísimas gracias !!

  4. Hossein Mohebi says:

    Very nice renders , I like your styles ,
    Could you please upload the raw render ( render without p.p ) ? Because with Exponential and gamma 2.2 the final render will be really washed out ! I’d love to know if this happens for you or not ! I always render with linear and gamma 2.2 , therefor I don’t need to add a lot of curve and contrast in ps.
    Thanks .

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      that is linear gamma, i did in the render setup because it will help reducing the noise and if you take a look a turn on don’t affect color adaptation only, this is just good when you want to have the render in a linear space, i have the gamma setup in the 3ds max gamma settings.

      here is the raw render without post production, if you see there is not a big difference: raw render

  5. Adrian says:

    Hi aleso! Nice work , very nice work i like a lot how you model. I have a question to ask you: all your scenes have that real life feeling like it was made with a real life camera ( Nikon, Canon etc.). Were can i find those settings (for 3ds or Ps)? That close up things you do in scenes,bluer things etc. i hope you understand:). i followed all your tutorials but non of them teach me how to do that. Please send me a mail or some advice how to get to my wish.

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      thank you for your comment Adrian, and about that settings, everything is controlled by the vray camera, just turn on the depth of field options and put the target of the camera in the center of the object that you want to be on focus, but anyway I will try to make a tutorial about that :)

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