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Published: 2 years ago

Making Of Modernist Loft

This is a Making of from this scene done with 3ds max, Zbrush, Photoshop & Vray, I have modeled the furniture with 3ds max, and detailed everything with Zbrush, the textures were created in Photoshop and the rendering with Vray.

The amazing arts used in this scene belongs to AnnCT Braunsteiner copyright reseverd to his owner, you can find it from his website.

First let me show a empty screenshot of the scene without any shader so you can see more clearly the models and details:

interior scene vray without shaders


Now let me show you some material setup:

The wood flooring was made it with Photoshop using several wood textures, and later that I did the diffuse map I created the bump and spec, check the settings:

wood flooring vray shader

This scene has more than 30 different shaders but i will show some of them:

Sofa Fabric Shader:

sofa fabric vray setup shader

Dark Wood Eames Chair:

dark wood shader eames chair

White Wall Concrete:

White Wall concrete

Wood Cabinet:

wood cabinet vray shader setup 3dsmax

Now let’s talk about lighting, the lighting was more complex in this scene, I used Vray Sun and Vray Sky in combination of several Skylight Portals in each windows with some vray ies inside of the room in every lamp, some setup for this scene:

vray sun setup 3ds max lighting

I have two vray sphere light in each black floor lamp, and one light for the pendant lamp in the center and dos vray mesh light for the lamps in the cabinet of the tv:

vray lighting setup

And here is the settings for the vray physical camera, this is one of the more important points when lighting a scene with vray:

vray physical camera setup

And now the render settings for this scene, i did not render this with high values because it was a practice project and because i want to share with you a more faster render settings, try it by yourself in you will see that i am right :)

render settings vray 3ds max

I did a good amount of post production with this scene, but like always everything was done just adding color correction, levels, contrast, some exposure balance, chromatic aberration and sharpen.

This Scene is Available for Download. CLICK HERE

Hope you like it and here is some more renders about this project :)

interior scene vray 3ds max download
interior scene vray 3ds max
interior scene vray
vray interior download 3ds max
vray scene download
vray scene for download

Also i did a Night Version of this scene, check this render:

vray night scene download 3ds max


  1. Reshad says:

    No comment !… :)

  2. Cristiano says:

    Hi, Great image…

    Sorry about the stupid question bu ti’m new in 3D and i’m learning…
    In teh wood flooring material, what’s the map/image in the reflection channel?

    thanks and sorry my english..

  3. Nobby says:

    Amazing render here, thank you for the tutorial, because of you, i’m working ten times longer to reach such render quality, thank you very much, you are doing a very good work and you are so kind to share with us.

  4. Hossein Mohebi says:

    Very nice renders , I like your styles ,
    Could you please upload the raw render ( render without p.p ) ? Because with Exponential and gamma 2.2 the final render will be really washed out ! I’d love to know if this happens for you or not ! I always render with linear and gamma 2.2 , therefor I don’t need to add a lot of curve and contrast in ps.
    Thanks .

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      that is linear gamma, i did in the render setup because it will help reducing the noise and if you take a look a turn on don’t affect color adaptation only, this is just good when you want to have the render in a linear space, i have the gamma setup in the 3ds max gamma settings.

      here is the raw render without post production, if you see there is not a big difference: raw render

      • Hossein Mohebi says:

        Yes there’s no much difference , and almost there’s no need color correction , actually Color mapping is been the most complicated part of vray for me , thanks for the tips , Even your comments , can help me to learn more :-)

        • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

          yeah, i did not make a lo of post to my works, just some fine details like glow, sharpen, contrast and things like that, but they are minor changes

  5. Hossein Mohebi says:

    So ! if it is in linear space , what’s the benefit of using Exponential here ? sorry for too much asking questions .

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      Exponential mode will saturate the colors based on their brightness. This can be useful to prevent burn-outs in very bright areas (for example around light sources etc). This mode will not clip bright colors, but will instead saturate them.

  6. Paula says:

    Hi Aleso, yo trabajo en metros en el sitema de unidades de 3d max. Que valores le aplico al VraySun y a la Physical Camera? Gracias!!!

    • Paula says:

      Aleso Hi, I work in meters in the sitema 3d max units. Values ​​that I apply to VRaySun and Physical Camera? Thank you!

      • Paula says:

        Sorry my English is very bad…
        I work in meters in the system 3d max units. What values ​​will apply to VRaySun and Physical Camera? With the values ​​that explain the image I get too burnt. Thank you!

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      Saludos Paula, yo tambien trabajo en metro, al Vray sun no se le cambia nada, solamente las shadows subdivisions, pero luego no hay que cambiarle nada, ya a la camara dependera de tu escena, que tanta iluminacion artificial tenga, la cantdad de ventanas, etc… escribeme aleso3d@gmail.com y enviame un screenshot del problema que tienes! saludos!

      • Paula says:

        Hola Aleso, ahi te escribi al mail. Una pregunta, como configuro gama/lut para que los colores no me queden tan desaturados? Los colores quedan demasiado claros. Hay alguna forma de configurarla? En tu imagen estas usando 2.2?

        • Paula says:

          Es correcto dejar los valores en el Gamma/Lut en 2.2 y en bit map file: Imput Gamma 2.2/ Output gamma 1.1 y en el color mapping 2.2 y renderizar con frame.buffer? Perdon por tanta mezcla, estoy tratando de entender como funciona esto =)

  7. Paula says:

    Hola Aleso, estuve practicando, lo que te envié al mail no hace falta que los contestes, aplique los parámetros de esta imagen, y sale bastante bien, una pregunta para las VrayPlane que valores son aconsejables? por ejemplo la VrayPlane que se ubica en la ventana donde da directo al sol un multiplicador de 35 es mucho? Me das algunos tips para saber según la ubicación de cada VrayPlane que valor poner? Mil Gracias! y Perdón por tanta molestia. saludos!!

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      disculpa no te conteste antes, mucho trabajo :(, sobre los vray planes si usas el vray sun solo tienes que activar skylight portal y no tienes que cambiar otro valor porque trabajara en conjunto con el vray sun y tendras una mejor propagacion de luz y mejores sombras

  8. Paula says:

    Aleso, una pregunta, que pasa si no marco la casilla detail enhancement? Modifica en algo si esta o no activada?

  9. Alejandro says:

    For wooden textures and similar on chairs, desk, stair steps, etc. which modifier you use: Unwrap UVW or simple UVW mapping options.

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