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Published: 2 years ago

Exterior Lighting Tutorial with Vray

Well this is a exterior lighting tutorial showing how to set up the vray sun with the vray physical camera, and you will see some material setup for future reference.

Exterior lighting is pretty easy, but what makes an exterior looks good is the environment that you put in the scene, i normally do not create exterior scenes because it is not easy make great looking trees that you can share, but i tried with this one.

The modeling was pretty straight forward, box modeling, extrude and things like that, i will do a tutorial just for modeling structures, for lighting i used Vray Sun and Vray Sky, because this is a physical solution and will gives you a nice lighting, let me show you the setting and position of the sun:

vray exterior lighting tutorial with vray sun

This position of the sun will gives you a nice yellowish color and a more softer lighting.

I used the vray physical camera, because it gives you more control about the lighting affects the scene, it is pretty important to find the perfect exposure for you lighting, make some test and look for reference about what kind of lighting you want your for scene, let me show you the vray physical camera settings:

vray physical camera setting for exterior lighting

I added some boxes with pictures of real buildings in the front and back of my main building set to have a more natural feeling of a complete environment, let me show you an image of what i did:

building environments in exterior lighting with vray

Also of my tree i did some vray proxies and put it around, some are in the front of the scene because i was not looking for a plain lighting in the front of the buildings. Also for giving a extra detail i added some wires in the street.

About materials, the scene have some nice materials with simple but effective setup to work good with the lighting, let me show you some of them:

Vray Wood Material Setup Metal front Material Setup Vray Pavement Material Setup Vray Concrete Material Setup

The Render Setup, was simple but fast, with this render setup you will have exteriors in minutes (Depends of the resolution, lighting and material setup) in this case let me show you:

Vray Exterior Lighting Render Setup

And with the final render i did some post production like a Lens Flare, Color Balance, Sharpen, Brightness and Contrast, Chromatic Aberration.

This Scene is available for download Buy Now Just for US$39.50

What you will get with this Scene?

  • Realistic Exterior Scene
  • Physical Lighting Setup
  • Realistic Materials Setup
  • Well Modeled and Modern Building 3d Model
  • Hires Textures
  • Bump & Specular Maps
  • Realistic & Fast Exterior Rendering Setup
  • Some people were having troubles with the vray proxie trees, so I decided to not include the trees, sorry about it :)
If you are looking for a nice vray exterior scene for study porpuse or for nice exterior models, this is a nice deal that you can have. The scene works with 3ds Max 2010 and Above – With Vray

Buy Now Just for US$39.50 

Vray Exterior Lighting Tutorial - Final render
Tutorial Vray Sun and Scene Download 3dsmax
  1. Brent says:

    amazing lighting thankyou

  2. cgarq says:

    Great outcome aleso thanks for sharing the scene

  3. prld says:

    impressivveeeee!!! now dont know wich one to buy:D this or the high ceiling interior:D keep it up!

  4. APrather says:

    What a great work… great idea about adding bitmap of building with windows on box instead of modeling the, I’d never thought of it at first place. Just curious, if you don’t mind what program or how did you add lens flare?

  5. Ana says:

    Great tutorial, it helps me a lot!
    Thanks Aleso

  6. Saad says:

    It’s amazing render and texture.

    But I would like to ask you about that options in sunlight which are effect diffuse and effect specular not appear in my 3ds Max 2011when I chose the sunlight.

    Can you explain that for me please.



  7. matin says:

    thank you for great tutorial.
    please post tutorials about night exterior rendering and photoshop post processing renders. thank you alot aleso.

  8. matin says:

    thank you aleso very much you have great site and very nice tutorials.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I got an unhandled exception: compiling geometry.

    I have 3ds Max 2011 and ray 2.0

    Do you know why that is happening?

  10. Jordi says:

    This tutorial is just amazing man!! That render… This is probably one of the most realistic renders I’ve seen in my life,, not joking!

    But I have a problem with the render.. When it begins to render it does the first job well, I mean when it renders a very pixelated render of the scene. I think it’s the second and the first bounce of the Indirect Light but I’m not sure.

    Anyway, the pixelated first and second bounce is perfect. But when it begans to render the final render it turns all black. Only some little areas on the screen have a little light, but
    that’s it.

    Do you know what it could be?

  11. Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

    thanks, and of course you can do the same with the daylight system

  12. raymond says:

    pls l want to learn how to make the lighting after you have imported the

  13. goncho says:

    I fin it very usefull, the only doubt that I have is what’s the parameters of te skylight. I wanted ti know if you have to change the propieties in material menú, i thing that because i found a light material in te photo of material menú.

    Thank ver much for all are you writting.

    Sorry if i write not very good in english.

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      i am no using skylight, what you see in two different hdri maps with hight exposure value, but that was for testing purpose, no skylight in this one, just the vray environment from the sun

  14. Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

    i will make the night version :)

  15. Mahsa says:


  16. LESTER says:

    thanks for sharing by the way.. great job.. hehe

  17. Sudarshana says:

    It is really great. You save me ;)
    This preset properly working for me. Huge thanks and good luck…

  18. Vitekshev says:

    Amazing!!!!!! You`re the man!!!!!!!

  19. Monsur says:

    thanks to your tutorials, nice

  20. felik says:

    good……..and thak you very much……

  21. Lee says:

    No Elements??? How?

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