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Published: 2 years ago

Eames Furniture Pack + 2 SCENES With NIGHT & DAYLIGHT Setup

As you of you requested via email here is a Interior Scenes FULL OF EAMES FURNITURE, this is a package that everybody that makes interiors scenes need to have, ready 3d models of 9 Realistic Eames 3d Chairs ready to use with Vray and 3ds Max 2010 and above.

As Bonus i have included TWO FULL REALISTIC SCENES WITH DAYLIGHT AND NIGHT SETUP, so you can see and study or use the scenes for your own projects, check materials, scale, lighting, render settings, and much more.

Also the scene comes with a nice Ceiling Lamp and a Collection of Books, hires Wood Flooring and realistic materials setup.

This can’t be better for getting started in the new year, get the best from the trend in interior visualization with these 3d models.


Please check the images in hires and see how awesome they looks in details, also check the scene quality, this will be a good addition to your library.

Eames Furniture 3d Models Download eames furniture pack 3d models eames furniture pack 3d models eames furniture pack 3d models Eames Furniture 3d Models Download


  1. prld says:

    Great scene and models Aleso:D keep it up:D

  2. unni says:

    very nce scene likes very much aleso.

  3. i really love your work…always cool…

  4. hamid says:

    you are artist man do you have any video tutorial for this scene
    you sell only the max fill with the materials ?
    there is another option to buy like western union?

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      Thanks hamid for your kind words, i have some recordings while i was creating these models, i will make a look up and posted here, at this moment i just can process paypal payments, sorry about that. thanks again

  5. lalabelle says:

    hey aleso, thanks for sharing your work.. your website is the best so far.. =)

    may i ask you a question for the night scene:
    how do you create a blueish effect, do you use vray sun?
    can u share the tutorial and the setup for the night scene?

    thanks before.. great job n keep it up.. ^^

  6. Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

    thanks i am glad you like it

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