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Published: 3 years ago

3ds Max Modeling Tutorial – Creating a Lounge Chair

In this modeling tutorial with 3ds max, we are going to learn how to model this lounge chair using editable poly tools, it is a really easy to follow and you will learn some techniques that will help you to create your own custom furniture models for your renderings.

In the next part of this tutorial we are going to unwrap the model and paint the leather texture to the seat, so keep in touch


  1. Luis says:

    Tengo las bases para realizar cualquier modelo (bueno me propongo retos a modelar)

    Pero en este caso nunca está demas revisar tus tuts xD.

  2. Jhon says:

    Thanks you for sharing!

    Great workflow man.

  3. power fire says:

    You r so amazing person and so good ,,, thanks a lot you wee very helpfully to me . thanksssssssssssss and lottttttttttttt

  4. Joao Gomes says:

    Nice tutorial.

    I just have a few comments to say.

    I think you don’t need to duplicate the chair, then create the seam, then erase the chair duplicate. You can create the seam on the original chair because it creates new geometry leaving the original intact.

    Also, if you use Max 2010, you don’t need to select the seam edges one by one. You just need to select the first and the last edge and then click “StepLoop” to connect them.

    Thanks for your tutorials.

  5. vivi-ren says:

    Thank you, it really helped me …. you are a very good designer and a teacher

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