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Published: 3 years ago

Vray Tutorial for Rendering Sunset Lighting Interior

In this tutorial you will see how to set up a sunset lighting using vray sun & vray sky, creating sunset image with vray can be really easy because when you use vray sun you just to put this light in the same position of the real sun, so let’s get started

1.- I have used more lights in the scene so we can have a nice lighting, and this is the setting for the windows lights:


2.- Also i used two vray sphere lights for the lamps, and this is the setting:

3.- Now let’s move on to the the settings and position of the vray sun, this is the light that will make your scene looks like a sunset:


4.- And the vray camera is crucial for this render and here is the settings:

5.- In this time i am using for the rendering setup the brute force solution, it is more slow but you will have a more sharpen render but a little bit noisy, check the settings:

( remember you can OPTIMIZE your render settings, i did pay too much attention to this because i have a render farm, but you can have the same quality or better with lower subdivisions )

And that’s all friends, just a note i did some color correction in photoshop, added glow, chromatic aberration and sharpen filter, i am preparing a more detailed tutorial about post production in photoshop, keep in touch

  1. Alan T. says:

    nice tut thanks

  2. Piklushi says:

    Keep going man, brillant tutorial

  3. Luis says:

    Se agradece por difundir esto.


  4. Pedro says:

    Esxelente setup! buen trabajo

  5. Luis says:

    Que diferencia existe entre:

    (v-ray:: environment)

    -Reflection/Refraction environment override

    -Refraction environment override (cuando se ocupa esta)

    Gracias como siempre. :D

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      - -Reflection/Refraction environment override this slot is if you want to put for example an hdri for the reflection/refraction, and the second one is if you want to use a different hdri/img for the refraction, if you a more detailed answer please let me know

  6. Luis says:

    Ok, gracias por la respuesta…

    Entonces si entendi bien la diferencia es q’ puedo usar otro hdri en “Refraction enviroment override” pero la cual solo será para la refracción.

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      si es asi como dices, lo que pasa por ejemplo si estas usando vray sun and vray sky en el environment override pero quieres que en la refraction de los cristales aparezca por ejmplo un hdri esto te permite hacerlo.

  7. Luis says:

    Ya veo, he ahí el asunto… más que entendido

  8. Alain B says:

    Hi Man,
    thx great tutorial,
    i have a question though, im doing an animation of a sun timelapse, i mean im inside a room, and the sun changes positions and i see the shadows running on the floor.
    do you have any advice on that, which settings are best?
    coz with the irradiance map and light cache it wont work except frame by frame, and still the animation will flicker :S
    thanks a lot ;)

    • Avatar of aleso3d aleso3d says:

      Your welcome man! about the timelapse you just have to move the sun in the real direction that it does in real life, about animation settings i recommend to you this great tutorial for doing that: http://vray.us/vray_tutorials/vray_tutorial_irradiance_map2.shtml

      • Alain B says:

        Thanks for ur reply ;)
        i know this tutorial, it explains how to do an animation where just the camera moves and everything else is static. what i need in my case is the opposite, the camera is still but the sun is moving so i cant calculate the light cache and irradiance map every “x” frame coz it changes every frame. im trying brute force but the rendering time is scary (4 hours for one frame 1280×720)
        thanks anyway :)

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