Vray Photorealistic Rendering Techniques


In this vray video training we speak about how to create vray realistic renderings with some great techniques, it is not just a video tutorial for teaching you lighting and render settings, it is a video where we explain the stages of creating a professional 3d scene, you will learn a proper way to start your project from gathering references to the final post production.

In this vray video training you will some important topics about how to setup a better workflow with vray and 3dsmax, vray lighting, shading, vray materials and textures, tips about layout and composition and more…

These are the topics covered in the video training for vray and 3dsmax:

  • Gathering References
  • Modeling and Scale
  • Shading and Vray Materials
  • Composition and Layout 
  • How to get a photography look
  • Vray Camera Settings for Realistic Look
  • Proper Render Settings
  • Post Production

Project Files Included

3dsmax & Vray

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